Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Corridos Perrones, No. 255


Maria said...

Hi (Ciao)!
My name is Maria and in the “world of cannibal fantasies” I am well known as “esploratrice56”.
I am a 54 years old Italian lady. I am 1.70 m tall, 60 kg weight, big tits, small ass, and I have an anatomic peculiarity: the inner lips of my pussy are bigger than normal and so they are always spreading out of the outer lips.
Since then my infancy I have daydreamed on the being eaten from the cannibals. When I became adolescent, I did uncover the sexuality: my first orgasms were gushed from fantasies in which I was captured, undressed, examined, stuffed, smelled, in several ways cooked and served on the table of wild savages which, like final touch, seasoned my more appetizing part with my intimate gravy. Now I am a woman, but only thinking at a big iron pot on the fire it makes me intimately wetting!
Unfortunately my husband, for the rest indeed a very good man, does not share these my fantasies (after some timid outings I have understood that it was better to hold them hidden) and I am forced to manage something in the little and rare moments of solitude that are offered to me: my dining room turns in the jungle, the living room becomes the savage's village and the paired armchairs the iron pot, the kitchen becomes the chef's hut with her kitchen table and the necessary vegetables, and finally my bed turns in the cannibal big table on which I am served!
Well, this is enough.
My dream is to see me drawn in pics, like the damsels in distress of cannibal toons, so here my question: there is out there some chef willing to accept this task? Obviously, I’ll send him my “special” photos!
My mail is: esploratrice56@yahoo.it
I hope that someone of you could answer me.
Waiting, take care.
Bacioni (big kisses) bacioni bacioni Maria

Manuel Lopez said...


Maria said...

Have you found in your so big collection of sexy comics, toons about women and cannibales?.
If yes, please write me:
Bacioni bacioni bacioni Maria